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NLSSM is very excited to be able to offer easily digestible short online massage courses that will advance both your massage skills and knowledge. At NLSSM our new normal is very diverse and we hope there is something in our new massage course library that peaks your interest. Each of our speakers are professionals in manual therapy and the health care profession, their conversations are based on years of experience living the job! We will be updating this feature every month with a new offer, so please visit us regularly. If you have a subject you would like to see on this list please contact us at info@nlssm.com.

Long Covid Patients and Treatment Implications: What You Need To Know

Live Webinar: Monday 16th August 2021

Frozen Shoulder: Role of Manual Therapy – Friend or Foe? 

£15 for 7 Days access


Red Flags and Lower Back Pain

£15 for 7 Days access


The Many Faces of Pain 

£15 for 7 Days access

Hypermobility 101

£15 for 7 Days access


A&P: Muscle Physiology

£15 for 7 Days access


A&P: The Skeletal System 

£15 for 7 Days access


Subjective Assessment: Tips on Identifying Symptoms of Mental Health Issues 


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