Graduate with the highest qualification in sports massage and remedial soft tissue therapy in a single course.  We will take you through from the start to being able to assess, treat and manage soft tissue injuries under all conditions, graduating with a professional BTEC level 5 diploma. 

Join a highly motivated  team who know the job and are full time sports & remedial massage therapists.

NLSSM’s massage course is great value for money,  with a high ratio of teacher to students and a fantastic support system. We offer on the job training in a sports massage clinic, event work and work experience in clubs or within healthcare teams to help ensure you know the job.
No prior training is necessary to graduate with the highest level in this profession.


NLSSM was set up over 15 years ago as the training ground for people dedicated to becoming soft tissue therapists.
Check out our brand new video! Here is a typical day at the school and hear what the teachers and students themselves have to say…


Become a top level therapist with a BTEC Level 5 Professional Diploma in Sports Massage and Remedial Soft Tissue Therapy

From start to finish, no prior training needed, this is what NLSSM does best.  We train individuals to be highly skilled therapists who are top in their field. We support our students throughout their journey to become successful in a job they love. Our course leads to a BTEC Level 5 Professional Diploma in Sports Massage & Remedial Soft Tissue Therapy. This qualification will give you the skills needed to practice as a professional therapist, with the ability to design and implement appropriate soft tissue treatment and rehabilitation plans.

The Highest Standard

Qualifying at level 5 allows you to work in private practice or within the highest level of sport. Some of our graduates are now working with premier sports teams. Others have gone on to join established health teams and clinics or have started their own independent clinics. Graduates can become members of The Sports Massage Association (SMA)Register of Remedial Masseurs and Manipulative Therapists (LCSP) and the Complimentary Health Professionals (CHP)

The NLSSM difference


Ours is a responsive system of teaching, meaning that each sports massage class is taught according to its needs.

We also use accelerated learning methods, allowing us to teach difficult subjects in a way that is interactive and effective, maximising the development of practical massage skills and academic understanding. Most of our tutors are also full-time soft tissue and sports massage therapists, trained in a variety of complementary qualifications, so students benefit from their huge knowledge base and are learning from people who are working as soft tissue therapists every day in the real world.

A high teacher to student ratio.

We see a direct link between a massage therapist’s skills and the amount of quality attention they’re given in training. That’s why, in practical sessions, we have a ratio of 1 teacher for every 3-4 students. In addition, our teachers are known for their generosity, putting in unpaid hours where needed to support and mentor individuals. All of us here get great satisfaction from developing our massage students to their full potential, even if that means the odd late night. It’s all down to being professional and fun, but we believe that if we go the extra mile, so too will you.

A pass rate of 98%

98% is an impressive statistic and it’s only fair to point out that some students pass on their second attempt. The intensity of this qualification is not to be underestimated, but we offer discounts on any additional tuition that might be needed and offer an incredible level of personal support to make sure that those people who want to succeed, will do so. And the benefits don’t end when you graduate, check out what support and opportunities we offer both during and after you qualify as a soft tissue massage therapist.


NLSSM offers on-going support in a number of ways, including:

  • Monthly newsletters keeping you up-to-date on massage events, opportunities both at NLSSM and beyond.
  • Resources include free online tuition, videos, Massage Mondays, Exercise Lab, & course materials
  • A comprehensive work schedule that makes your study life focused and that much easier
  • Student office hours, zoom sessions that focus on coursework
  • Online after class quizzes that highlight the essential learning of each day 
  • Job opportunities advertised in our private Facebook Group
  • Event and work placements to gain relevant experience and add to your CV
  • Opportunities with elite sports teams and health clinics
  • Private forum that continues to offer support long after you graduate
  • Regular blogs that give a deeper insight into various topics

Access to an extensive library of books and DVDs

  • Essential for learning at your own pace, checking things on the fly and, of course, revising for exams – we keep the library stocked with all the essentials and even some hard-to-find reference tools. Having access to such a well-stocked library also means that students aren’t obliged to spend large sums of money on books all at once. The library is also available to graduates of NLSSM.

work experience

The Student Massage Clinic

This is a great opportunity for students to take what they have learned in class and apply it in a real-life clinical situation. The clinic is also there to help students work towards fulfilling their clinical sports massage logbook hours. It’s an invaluable asset and really does produce a much better soft tissue therapist, providing mini tutorials in which students can seek advice from the senior tutor on hand, giving them more focused individual attention.

Massage work experience & event opportunities

There’s nothing like the buzz of working at a sporting event. We are regularly approached to provide student volunteers, whether it’s for a one-off event or a longer working arrangement. We have opportunities available with both premiership football and rugby clubs and placements in successful multidisciplinary clinics. These opportunities are not only great for gaining experience and building confidence, they’re also brilliant networking opportunities and a chance to see what the demands of the job really are.



A deeper understanding

Specialist courses to help you develop further
Frequently asked questions

The good news is you can achieve the massage skills and knowledge in one course.  It will prepare you to do the job and do it well with skills that are top in the massage world.  For more information about  how it all works please click on this link. 

Both are awarding bodies, and aspire to ensure the massage course you are enrolling onto meets their educational standards. We chose BTEC because it has a good reputation in ensuring a high standard of education as well as we could customize the massage course to meet the demands of the jobs that employers are looking for. We also have greater freedom in how we deliver our sports and remedial massage course, increasing your ability to develop the massage skills that are top in the manual therapy profession.

The NLSSM massage course is the best foundation you can get, it will open up many different opportunities in manual therapy. Our graduates have chosen a variuety of directions, demonstrating you are not limited. Please refer to where our graduates are now page, wherein you can see there is a wide range of job descriptions from working in elite sport, being part of a clinical health care team, to establishing their own massage clinic. 

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