Deep work can be a pleasant experience!

It ultimately can be delivered without subjecting your client to unnecessary pain or leaving them with bruises or even causing your clients to grit their teeth!

The idea that we need to use the ol’ elbow as the only way to achieve depth is old school thinking.  Join Susan for this online course and she will take you on a journey that will enable you to deliver a deep massage with ease.

After you have completed your online course, you can book to attend our massage refresher practical workshop to put your new skills into practice!

WHAT IS deep tissue massage?

This type of massage should not equate fear in your client, or that pain is a requirement, or even the wearing of bruises as a badge of honour! 

It is about a belief in the principle that less is more without compromising depth.  Deep work definitely has its place if appropriately applied.  Client’s love deep work as long as the therapist can feel the reaction of the tissue and moves accordingly, adjusting both speed and depth to encourage focused and deeper work to take place.   

YOU will learn how to

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Who is this course for?



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The cost of this one-day practical course is £99 including VAT

This includes one year access to the online course, certificate of attendance and more!

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Availability & registration

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After you have completed the online course in Deep Tissue Massage, you can put your skills learnt into practice by attending our one day Massage Refresher Workshop!

This workshop will help you to work on the practical elements, your biomechanics, and will help you to address physical concerns such as a job related injuries. 

You will learn how to maximise your touch and deliver an amazing massage without placing any stress to your body.  Hence, no more sore thumbs, wrists, shoulders or backs, this is a practical one day massage course that will help you to address any injury concerns. 

Find out more and sign up below. 

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