anatomy and physiology

This course is specifically designed for anyone who has no prior learning in anatomy & physiology but would like to embark on a course at the highest level without having to do unnecessary long drawn out courses to start in a new career.

We focus on the relevant material that you will need in your career as a soft tissue therapists, massage therapist and more. 

Anatomy and physiology


Our focus is to deliver in depth information that supports your learning needs as a soft tissue therapist, making it real, relevant and suitable to the job at hand.  

We will be discussing the potential impact of soft tissue work and its’ relationship to the healing cycle using specific diseases or soft tissue conditions to evaluate these effects. We will also consider the interrelated effects of one system to another and compare how dysfunction within one system can affect other systems. We will take your hands on a visual journey, palpating the digestive system, landmarking where you will find relevant structures making it a real life experience.  

Anatomy and physiology

course syllabus

This course will take approximately 10 – 12 hours to complete, and includes the following modules:

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The cost of this course is £165 incl VAT.

This course takes place independently online. You have 1 years access to view the material as many time as you like. 

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about the tutors

The A&P is taught by a passionate team of NLSSM teachers who are highly qualified in their fields of expertise and have successful careers in sports massage and remedial soft tissue therapy.

They’re trained in the art of teaching and bring to the course different experiences from a variety of supporting skills. The delivery of the course is further enhanced by the application of accelerated learning techniques in order to assist students in absorbing more.

Your course will be lead by one of our senior tutors Esther Tang, Steve Hunter or Sue Thwaites. For further information about each of these teachers, please visit our team page. 

Availability & registration

This course is available to anyone and can be completed at your own pace, in your own time (within your 1 years access period).

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