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Are you looking for a Massage Refresher Course that will help you to return to massage after having a break, or do you need help to work on the practical elements, your biomechanics, do you need a massage course that will help you to address physical concerns such as a job related injury?

This is such a course, it is a practical day that looks at how to maximise your touch, deliver an amazing massage without placing any stress to your body.  Hence, no more sore thumbs, wrists, shoulders or backs, this is a practical one day massage course that will help you to address any injury concerns. 

Our single day massage refresher course also includes online videos and lectures to help support and review learned information.

We also welcome any questions or areas of concern that you would like us to cover, we will do our utmost to ensure it is integrated in to the day.   

If this isn’t exactly what you are looking for, maybe you would rather refresh your advanced massage techniques or academic skills.  We offer a wide range of CPD choices, anything from postural assessment, advanced massage techniques like MET or the exclusive Transverse STR course developed by Susan Findlay.   


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If you have answered yes to any of these questions then NLSSM’s Massage Refresher course is for you.

This will be a diverse group of skilled as well as beginner therapists.  Everyone will be learning the principles of working both deeply & sensitively with ease, and all your practical concerns will be addressed. 

Improve the quality of your touch by making adjustments to how you work. Biomechanics and a mindful touch go hand in hand, depth will never be an issue if you work smartly.

For whatever reason you choose to come to us we will ensure that your day is individualised for you.

This course is for those aged 18+ years. 

This course is not for you if…

…you want to go over anatomy or have questions about advanced techniques, or you’re seeking new creative ideas, you would be better advised to book a one-to-one session with Susan to address your individual needs or look at our range of CPD and video library massage courses on offer.




  • General overview of contraindications and benefits (also supported with online material)
  • You will have the opportunity to try out different massage mediums. We have a variety of lubricants to choose from such as lotions, waxes and oils, explore which ones work best for you
  • Simple toweling procedures that will allow you to move your client with ease while ensuring their modesty
  • Achieving the optimum working height of the massage couch, taking into consideration all the factors that will help you determine the most effective working position (also supported with online material)
  • Developing an understanding of the correct body alignment and mechanics that will allow you to work deeply and sensitively while maintaining ease within yourself thereby achieving your best touch
  • Massage strokes include light and deep effleurage & petrissage, transverse and longitudinal as well as deep strokes.
  • You will learn how to work effectively in the application of supportive techniques for wrist and fists while taking into account any pre-existing conditions such as hypermobility or job related massage injuries
  • Areas covered will be the front (anterior) and back (posterior) of lower limbs, the torso in prone, as well as the shoulders in both prone and supine
  • Add on techniques will include assisted thumb, fingers and hands. Using the forearm, deep strokes across the body while maintaining ease within yourself
  • How to work effectively and confidently in and around the pelvis without causing any unnecessary discomfort
  • Top tips in managing the clients arms, hands and shoulders in supine
  • Working deeply and effectively into the shoulder and chest
  • At the end of the day you will have the opportunity to apply a top to toe massage using all the techniques that you have learnt over the course of the day
  • If you have specific questions and practical concerns please submit them prior to the course, we will endeavour to address them within the massage course material
  • Question and answer time

There is an online portion of this course, to be completed before attending the practical workshop. The following modules are included:

  • Hygiene and Appearance
  • Massage Mediums
  • Bed Height: Setting Up
  • Maintaining Client Modesty
  • Working Posture Principles
  • Introduction to A&P
  • Contraindications in Massage
  • Career Options in Massage Therapy 
  • Final Quiz
  • Bonus Technique Videos

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This course is 90% practical. If you already have a massage qualification and would like to refresh your massage skills and knowledge, this course covers techniques to help you work deeper, stronger and more sensitively with ease. 

You can check out a couple of our massage previews below demonstrating some of the techniques you will be learning on the day. Full videos are available in the bonus online portion of the refresher massage course. 

Play Video
Play Video


All courses will take place at our new location, The Hub: 

The Hub
Unit 3i & 3J
25 Ashley Road
N17 9LJ

Please find full location details on our contact us page.

Upcoming Course Dates

We have the following details available for enrolment (click each course for more info): 

This course runs from 10am – 5pm. Book this course here. 

This course runs from 10am – 5pm. Book this course here. 

This course runs from 10am – 5pm. Book this course here. 

The Hub teaching space


The full cost of this course is £145 including tax. 

Please see our full terms and conditions here. 

Availability & registration

To see all available course dates and to book, please click below. 


Yes! In addition to the one day practical workshop, there is an online portion to the course. Ideally, this should be completed before you attend the practical workshop. 

This course runs alongside our Massage Introduction course. You will be working with beginners to the industry and more experienced therapists looking to refresh their skills. 

If you have a particular topic that you would like covered on the day, then please get in touch with us at and we will be happy to discuss your needs. 

We provide everything you need for your training, including massage couch, towels, lotions etc. 

You will need to bring your own lunch with you, or you can visit one of the nearby shops/cafes.  

Yes! This course day is 90% practical, and you will be treating another student in the course/being treated yourself. 

Please wear something that you are comfortable in, and can move about freely in. You will be treating others/being treated yourself, so please choose something that is appropriate for this.

Most students choose to wear activewear/sportswear. 

We recommend to leave any jewellery at home, as it will need to be removed before treating. 

We use a number of different massage creams, lotions, oils and waxes, including the following:

At NLSSM, we are happy to support our students with any specific learning requirements they may have, where possible. If you have any concerns then please give us a call on 0208 885 6062 to discuss your needs. 

We have developed a set of robust procedures to minimise the risk of COVID-19. Please find out more in our policy here. 


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