Stage 1: Requirements

  1. Please ensure that you have submitted all assignment papers no less than 6 weeks before your written exam date. If a student fails to do this they will automatically loose their exam booking and be charged in full to re-book.
  2. Ensure you have passed all your resubmissions prior to taking your written exam, it is important for two reasons:
    1. this is the material you are studying from and if you do not have all the information it will reflect in your answers
    2. if it is discovered upon marking your final paper that you have not passed your resubmissions and have failed your written exam, your retake will be charged at full rate.  
  3. Case studies must be submitted no less than two weeks before your practical exam.
  4. The same goes for your written exam, it must taken at least two weeks prior to the practical.
  5. Once your booking is made, it is not transferable and any changes or re-bookings will require full payment. Unless medically excempt, at the schools discretion, a transfer may be made. Medical certificate will be required

Stage 2: Written Exam

  1. There is a set date for the written exam that will be approximately two weeks prior to the the practical exam date. 
  2. This exam is taken online.

Stage 3: Practical Exam

  1. All available dates are listed below
  2. All practical exams from 1st October 2023 onwards take place at The Hub.
  3. Please bring along a copy of your insurance and your completed logbook to the exam.

Stage 4: Booking your Exams

  1. Email cassandra@nlssm.com to request your preferred dates for both the written (if required) and practical exams, if you are taking your final exam not with your registered class.
  2. Payment is required for students post 6 months from the finish date of their diploma. For any course from 20A onwards payment is required if you are taking your exams with another class that is not yours. Cost is £162.50 per component (Inc VAT).
  3. The time of your practical exam will be confirmed by the office closer to the day, if you require a specific time please request this at the time of booking.
  4. Written Exam – Should you require additional time for the written exam due to medically diagnosed dyslexia or English being your second language, please inform the office at the of booking your exam that you require an extension.
  5. Re-takes – students are given one free retake for both the written and practical exam. Once you have confirmed the date of your retake, all further changes will incur a cost of £162.50 per examination component.
  6. If you fail to complete all of your assessments and/or submit all required assignments & re-submissions two weeks before your written exam date, the school will cancel your written exam (and practical exam if booked), and you will be eligible to pay for any future first written and practical exams taken.

Exam Schedule


  • 15th September 2024 (Sunday)

NOTE: All written exams take place online. Start times vary


  • 23rd July 2024 (Tuesday)
  • 1st September 2024 (Sunday)
  • 10th December 2024 (Tuesday)
  • 1st February 2025 (Saturday)

All exams apart from 24th September 2023 are held at The Hub. If the exam date you would like to book is full you can call the office to be added to a wait list on 0208 885 6062. This does not guarantee you a place on the desired exam date. 

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