Our Covid-19 Policy

We have carried out a full risk assessment to ensure that the highest standards of safety are in place for everyone coming in to the school, the decisions were based on the location, the layout and how we could modify the interior set up so that it meets the new health and safety requirements.



Date: 10th November 2020, Tuesdays

Price: £2875 (+VAT £575)  We offer a monthly payment scheme over 11 months. 

Location: North London

Want to do this course but can't do the Introduction Course? Give us a call to find an alternative solution.


BTEC Level 5 Professional Diploma in Sports Massage and Remedial Soft Tissue Therapy

NLSSM will take you from start to finish, no prior learning necessary.

Our course offers the whole package, starting with assessment skills, postural and movement, treat with advanced soft tissue techniques & implement rehabilitation programs. Be the 'go to person', the soft tissue specialist that can offer more.


  • Anyone wishing to change careers with a genuine interest in soft tissue remedial massage
  • Anyone who is interested in "fixing" people
  • Anyone who has completed the Introductory Weekend or has an equivalent qualification
  • Anyone wanting to advance their soft tissue rehabilitative skills
  • Anyone who strives to be the best in their profession 
  • Anyone who wants to offer the whole package from assessment, delivery and rehabilitation


Prerequisites: You are a qualified Level 3 practitioner or have completed the Introductory Weekend course.



For further information please contact us if you want to have a chat or arrange to come in and see us.

If you do not have any massage background you will need to do the NLSSM Introduction Weekend or an equivalent course. If you have a qualification already please check with our office as to whether it is suitable.



  • Online tuition and course lectures
  • Use of DVD & video library
  • Detailed schedule of work
  • Online review quizzes
  • Online - extra bonus videos reviewing practical work
  • Access to schools' textbook library
  • Access to practical sports massage rooms for additional practice sessions
  • A supportive tutor mentoring system
  • Comprehensive lecture notes
  • A high ratio of teacher to student instruction
  • BTEC Registration
  • Final exam fees
  • Free membership to Exercise Lab rehabilitation site 
  • Private Facebook group with job listings and support (ongoing after graduation)
  • Student clinic (optional)
  • Work placement (optional)
  • Events opportunities (optional)
  • Weekly Massage Monday videos


The Diploma Course runs bi-monthly spread over 10-11 months, commencing on:

Diploma Class 20E 10th November 2020 Tuesday North London - The Annexe

Class Dates

Diploma Class 21A 13th February 2021 Saturday North London - The Annexe

Class Dates

Diploma Class 21B 30th March 2021 Tuesday North London - The Annexe Class Dates
Diploma Class 21C 23rd May 2021 Sunday North London - The Annexe Class Dates

Course times at the north London venue:

  • Most days start at 10 am in order to avoid busy travel times on public transport, please check the individual schedules listed for each course. All courses are currently taking place in The Annexe in north London until further notice.  


Classes are held approximately every 2 weeks, to allow enough time for home practice and course work. Course work includes 3 papers; an extensive case history; and 100 logbook hours before the final exam can be taken. Each assignment takes approximately 20 hours each to complete.

Prior learning in anatomy and physiology is a BTEC requirement. We understand that all our students are coming from a wide range of backgrounds and will have various levels of understanding. NLSSM has considered the options and now offers opportunities that will enable students to either be exempt from having to complete the coursework and/or offers opportunities to support your learning needs. We have taken into consideration time and cost and hope we have achieved a suitable option for you.

Are you exempt? - Anatomy and Physiology BTEC Prior Learning Explaination


Course Content

Underpinning Anatomy & Physiology
Musculoskeletal System Reproductive System
Cardiovascular System Central Nervous System
Lymphatic System Respiratory System
Skin Digestive System
Urinary System Endocrine System


Functional Anatomy & Physiology
Skeletal System Joints/Muscles Exercise & Physiology 
Functional Anatomy Lymphatic Drainage
Range of Motion Testing Neurological Examination
Biomechanics vs Biotensegrity  


Basic Sports Massage Techniques
Effleurage Petrissage
Tapotement Pre & Post Event
Compression & Vibration Inter & Intra Event


Remedial Massage Techniques
Soft Tissue Release
Active, passive, resisted & transverse
Deep tissue techniques
Muscle Energy Technique
Positional Release 
Reciprocal Inhibition 
Neuromuscular Technique
Trigger Points
Introduction to Lymphatic Drainage Positional Release
Connective Tissue Massage
Myofascial Release Introduction
Strain & Counter Strain


Rehabilitation Subjects
Rehabilitation processes Prevention massage
Introduction to Pathology Re-education methods
Stretching & corrective exercises Homecare
Injury scenarios Remedial Massage


Assessment & Diagnostic Skills
History taking & notation Pain assessment skills
Static & movement based postural assessment skills Muscle length & ROM testing
Contraindications Biomechanics vs Biotensegrity 
Palpation skills Neurological testing


Supportive Subject of Sports Massage
Business Mastery Sports Psychology
Legalities Nutrition


Health & Safety
Ethics & Professionalism Safety
Communication Onward Referral
Role of Practitioner Environment

(see our Terms & Conditions below)

£2875 + VAT £575 = £3450
Deposit £500 (£300 non refundable)

Please Note: If the commencement date of a course is less than two weeks (ten working days) away from time of payment, the full fee of the course will need to be received by the office. In case you wish to pay by standing order it needs to be confirmed by the office prior to your application.

Payments for our courses can be made via:

  • WorldPay™ (this option is available for the deposit only)
  • Cheque
  • Bank Transfer (free) (if you pay by cash a bank charge will be incurred, £1.50 for every £100)
  • Standing Order (this is for the final amount minus deposit only)

Bank Transfer Details:
Bank: Barclays
Company Name: NLSSM LTD or N.L.S.S.M LTD
Sort Code: 204545
Bank Account: 10840866

Please include your telephone number as part of your reference, if you have enough room include your surname when paying by bank transfer.

Cheque Payments:
Please make payable to N.L.S.S.M. Ltd and sent to The Annexe, Old Fire Station, Town Hall Approach Road, Tottenham, London, N15 4RX

Standing Order
You can pay your fees for the course, minus the required deposit of £500.00 via standing order.

If you would like this option please mention it on your application form. There is a fee of £100 for this option.

PLEASE NOTE: Your place on a Diploma or CPD Workshop will not be confirmed until your Payment (either deposit or full) has been confirmed.

1. Application and Payment

(i) A Deposit of £500.00 must be made to secure a place on the course.

(ii) Discounts are only valid in accordance with instructions in the prospectus or specific campaigns.

(iii) If an organisation is willing to pay a student's fees it must be made in full and accompanied by the application form at least two weeks prior to the commencement of the course. Bookings cannot be guaranteed until payment has been received from the organisation.

(iv) Please note we do not make provisional bookings. In order to secure your booking payment must be received by the office before you application will be processed. Bookings are processed on a first come first serve basis.

2. Personal Health

(i) At the time of enrolment, to your knowledge, you should have no health condition that could be affected or worsened by the requirements of the course for which you are applying, nor should you be awaiting hospital admission or taking medication that could be contraindicated. If in doubt in any aspect please check with your GP. The School cannot refund fees should you have to terminate the course due to a known health condition becoming worse or a hospital place becoming available.

(ii) For all COVID 19 related circumstances please refer to our COVID Policy

3. Cancellation

(i) If you have to cancel or terminate due to bereavement of a close family member, or serious ill-health (unknown at the commencement of the course), a doctor's certificate of inability to continue will be required. Sometimes, under exceptional circumstances it is possible to transfer to the next course subject to an additional cost of £500.00 and terms of agreement & conditions.

(ii) If cancellation is made within 14 calendar days of the commencement date the full deposit of £500.00 will be retained and there will be no refund available. If a cancellation is made two weeks prior to the commencement date £300.00 of the deposit monies will be retained and the balance of £200.00 will be refunded.

(iii) In the event of the course fee having been paid in full and notice of cancellation is received at least 14 calendar days prior to the commencement date, the school will retain the sum of £300.00 and refund all other monies paid to the School . If less than 14 calendar days notice of cancellation is given the School will retain the full deposit of £500.00 and refund all other monies paid to the School.

(iv) In the event of cancellation once the course has commenced the School will make no refund of any monies paid and the student remains liable for full payment of the course fee.

(v) In the event of the School cancelling a course all monies received (including the deposit) will be repaid.


Professional, friendly and inspiring...

In short, that's how I'd describe the NLSSM and those are the words I hear repeatedly from students, past and present.  It's been my approach to life and it's the basis of learning here. When you're doing what you love, being 'professional, friendly and inspiring' makes perfect sense. 




If you would like to discuss any of the courses we have to offer please contact us on:

0208 885 6062



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