Sam Wilkinson

Private Clinic Director

I had spent many years as a dancer and had left my last dancing contract, not really knowing what path to take next. I had always been interested in the complexities of the human body and particularly movement and anatomy. So sports massage seemed a logical path to take.

I had taken various qualifications but stumbled upon NLSSM. The training seemed extensive and much more detailed than previous courses I had taken. But also manageable in terms of time and commitment.

The course was very detailed, demanded a high standard and gave me a solid foundation from which to pursue a career in this field. My journey took me straight away into working alongside Chiropractors in clinic. They were always very impressed with my skill set and knowledge. They continued to advertise new positions via sought after institutions such as NLSSM.

During my time in clinic it also took me into marathon events and very proudly to the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games where the standard of the therapists were exceptional.

I eventually left the clinics and now own my own clinic in two locations. Which in some ways I wish I had done a lot sooner. I feel I learnt a lot and gained experience working in clinic, but I do feel that NLSSM equip you with enough skills to be able to set up straight away.

The journey is always a learning one but without a doubt NLSSM gave me opportunities which would not have been available to me otherwise.

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