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Sam Tingman

Professional Sport

There were a number of reasons why I wanted to enter into a career within the wellness and sports industry as a Soft Tissue Therapist. One of them being that I was heavily involved in athletics as a youngster and into my teens. During this period of my life I ended up seeing a number of practitioners for various reasons. Through these experiences and interactions, it inspired me towards a career in working with people.

It wasn’t only until my early/mid-20s that I took the leap and enrolled with NLSSM to become a Soft Tissue Therapist. I was impressed by the teaching, content of the course and the close relationships they have with elite sports teams. I had a lot of support from the teachers during my time at NLSSM and took advantage of having a face to face interaction with a tutor every other week.

During my time at NLSSM, I was successful in my application to one of their work placements on offer and gained an internship with a London based Premiership Football Club. This inspired me to work in elite sports. I entered to role with an open mindset. My experience at the club proved undeniably invaluable. As my time work placement at the club was nearing its end, I was offered a part-time role as one of their Soft Tissue Therapists which saw me stay on with the club to this day. During my employment at the club, there have been  opportunities to develop your understanding and techniques to add to your forever growing toolbox.

I truly believe that the strong foundation that NLSSM gave me kick started my time within elite sport but also opening up many avenues in which I can take my skill set in the future.

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