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Kimberley Williams

Private Clinic & Professional Sport

Before qualifying from NLSSM in 2013, Kim was a junior athlete competing in most Riding Club National Championships for Nantwich Riding Club before specialising in dressage and competing for North West BYRDS. This is where the interest in performance began having had world class instructors and sports psychology training. A neck injury at 15 years old forced the decision to leave competitive horse riding and gained a BA (Hons) in Law and represented family law solicitors in court on sensitive cases. Still requiring maintenance treatments for the neck injury and consequential compensations, and unfulfilled working in law, Kim returned to her passion for performance, this time from a therapist perspective. 

Sports Massage was very useful when competing and was highly complementary when rehabbing the neck injury, but such experience highlighted the various qualities in treatment. Consequently, wanting to be a therapist of high quality, this new path required looking for the one of the best training courses which not only involved first class education, but also offered inspiration for future development. At the time there was only the NLSSM London base, so such a course was going to require increased logistics. Kim booked onto the Introductory Weekend first before booking the whole course and the first day was enough. NLSSM was the perfect course. It may have been a tough year with all the training, studying, travelling and part time work, but it was worth it, Kim has not looked back and works under the business name Move Well Nottingham in the East Midlands.

Post qualification experience include: 

  • Lead Therapist for Paviors RFC since 2013 whom now compete in the RFU Midlands Premier League.
  • Lead Therapist for NLD Mens 1st Team.
  • Nottingham Aegon Cup 2014 (National and International Tennis Players).
  • Part of the SMT team at the 2017 Asian Indoor and Martial Art Games in Turkmenistan which only developed her passion for performance further working with international athletes within a world class Multi-Disciplinary Team, and has since seen a BJJ athlete she worked with in clinic in Nottingham.

Other work includes professional athletes in MMA, BJJ, Show Jumping, professional dancers, musicians and singers, and general sport and remedial work. The main Move Well Nottingham clinic base is the renowned H3 Gym where she sees national and international clients, and also offers on location work. Understanding the importance of collaborating with other professionals to benefit a client’s progress when and where required, Kim has built and continues to build a wide network of professionals all over the world. 

To help develop the industry, the most recent development is East Midlands Regional Director for the SMA which involves facilitating communication, distributing information and listening to the region’s members to ensure they are happy and confident therapists. Kim has discovered she has Myasthenia Gravis and feels incredibly lucky regarding her symptoms which are in remission, and hopes to raise awareness of the condition given its relevance to soft tissue.

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