Charlie Lovell

Private Clinic & Disability Massage

My involvement with care work began over a decade ago and has been evolving ever since to become a core part of my practice as a massage therapist. 

I discovered early on that my interests lay more in the holistic treatments with some of the individuals that I was supporting. I really enjoyed joining in the physiotherapy sessions and found myself wanting to know more. 

When I joined the care team I currently work with, massage and sensory sessions became a central part of our days over lock-down. I really enjoyed using music, massage and touch together to engage with the young woman I care for. I loved how we could use this kind of interaction as another form of language as she in non-verbal.

This naturally lead me explore other forms of massage therapy and I took an Ayurvedic Yoga Massage course to supplement my skills. This was a wonderful gateway into the world of massage and gave me more confidence. It also gave me a thirst to learn much more about the body in terms of anatomy, pathology and biotensegrity. 

My decision to opt for the NLSSM Level 5 sports and remedial massage course was the best way I could think of expanding and deepening my knowledge of the intricacies of the human body. 

I was recommended this course by a former tutor and current full-time practitioner and embarked on it with much excitement. It was as much a voyage of discovery about the human body was it was about my focus and drive. I found the course both demanding and exciting but was gratified at how much it gave me personally. 

Accessible Massage followed quite naturally from a conversation I had with a friend who is a wheelchair user about the need for more services specifically for people with disabilities.  

My goal for Accessible Massage is to make bodywork much more accessible to disabled people and to make it an integral part therapists’ knowledge and practice. 

My current clients range in age from 13 to 94 with all treatments closely tailored and adapted to their individual needs. I look forward to expanding my knowledge along with my practice. 

The NLSSM course gave me the confidence and skill set to embark on this new journey and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone wishing to follow this rewarding pathway. 

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