Sports Massage Courses

At NLSSM The School of Sports Massage we offer sports & remedial massage courses at the highest level in both Central London at the University of Westminster and in Tottenham North London. For those wishing to be inspired and develop their soft tissue skills we also offer continuing professional development courses throughout the year.

NLSSM The School of Sports Massage is the training ground for people dedicated to becoming remedial soft tissue specialists. We're proud of the reputation that NLSSM holds within the industry and that our graduates are highly sought after within both the sport and health industries.

Our 11 and 23 day sports massage courses lead to a level 5 BTEC Professional Diploma in Sport & Remedial Massage Therapy. This qualification will give you the skills needed to practice as a professional advanced soft tissue therapist in which you are able to design and implement appropriate treatment and rehabilitation plans.

The Sports Massage Diploma is accredited by BTEC/Edexcel. Upon completion of the sports massage course, graduates may apply for membership with the Sports Massage Association and/or LCSP and will be eligible to register with CNHC

The Introductory Sports Massage courses allow the student to learn and practice the relaxing effects of massage with the practical guidance of knowledgeable teachers. It also serves as a starting point for those considering a career in this profession.

The Sports Massage Diploma provides a combination of theory and practical hands on experience to equip soft tissue therapists to practice at a professional level.

Why do you not offer a shorter intense course?

Time and again, research has shown that people remember things best when they learn by doing.  Not just once or twice, but repeatedly and regularly.

Intensive courses, by their nature, do not create the best environment for learning. They may seem convenient but that convenience comes at a high price - your standard of education.

We take our lessons from athletes who consistently train using repetition over a longer period of time, this allows for the muscles to adapt in the same way that our practical skills need to develop. To run a marathon requires more than 3 weeks training to be top in the field.

We also choose to offer single days rather than 2 day weekend courses to our students. Our experience has shown us that students are able to retain a greater amount of information as well as it better develops their hands on skills through regular contact. This atmosphere of encouragement helps our students to keep on an even keel and remain highly motivated.

At NLSSM we are passionate about helping our students to be their very best. BTEC Levels 5 is a professional qualification, so it's only fitting that we teach them professionally, and that's why we will never offer our courses as an intensive option.

Continuing Professional Development

Why and What is Continuing Professional Development (CPD)?

As in all health care professions, CPD's are a lifelong process of broadening your knowledge and hands on skills. As professionals we have a responsibility to stay abreast of new information and research. At NLSSM we want to inspire you, refresh, revive and revitalise your massage and soft tissue skills. Increase your client care and rehabilitation success rates.  Our aim is to make this an experience that you will want to repeat, to motivate you to be the best you can be!

NLSSM has a wide choice of remedial and rehabilitation courses that will broaden your expertise, exercise the mind and inspire your hands to try different approaches - all the while improving your client outcomes. You can browse through the individual courses at the side or see what's coming up in our month-by-month listing.

NLSSM also offers a Bridging Program than can be specifically designed for you should you want to take your CPD courses and turn them into a BTEC level 5 Sport and Remedial Massage Therapy qualification. You will find further information under the Bridging Program section of this website.

NLSSM Prospectus

We now offer our sports massage courses in both London and Manchester. A top qualification as a Professional BTEC level 5 Sport & Remedial Massage Therapist.

Do you need inspiration, new ideas or help in problem solving? Book onto one of our top rated continuing professional development courses that will add another skill to your tool bag.

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